Leave Courtney ALONE!

CW: Murder, suicide, gore, sexism, conspiracy theories, and '90s fashion/aesthetic. So I recently saw John Oliver interview Monica Lewinsky. Holy alimony, Batman! People have been super awful to the poor woman from the nineties. It’s not fair and she deserves better. I also recently saw Captain Marvel. It was pretty nifty. I especially enjoyed the … Continue reading Leave Courtney ALONE!

What the Hell, Shel Silverstein?!

Before we get started, I should inform y’all that this post will come with a laundry list of content warnings. I will try my absolute best to get all of them.CW: Child abuse, child abandonment, alcoholism, transphobia, transmisogyny, misogyny, sexism, violence, incest, and a general feeling of, “yikes” You remember Shel Silverstein, right? There is … Continue reading What the Hell, Shel Silverstein?!