A Girl and Her Blog

Hi! My name is Lara. I’m a trans woman and a massive fucking nerd (and not in a cute or endearing way, either). It recently occurred to me that I have a degree in journalism that I’m not using for anything. I missed writing so I decided to start this blog. It will also not use my degree in journalism but, instead, function as a personal diary that is publically available.

The topics this blog covers can range wildly as I’ll basically write about anything I find interesting at the time of writing. I will always try to pry a bit deeper than the surface level of any topic I discuss but I’m no Lindsay Ellis, Dan Olson, Natalie Wynn, Kyle Kallgren, or any other intelligent/insightful videos essayist you want to insert onto this list. I also am a few years out of practice, I don’t have access to an editor, and I’m intentionally choosing not to adhere to a journalistic style or any other writing style so while I strive to do my best, I wouldn’t expect much if I was in your position.

My current goal is to upload one new blog post a week on a regular schedule but this is all liable to change. I’m doing this blog for personal reasons so I refuse to bend over backward to meet any deadlines. Regardless, I hope whoever reads this blog enjoys it. I’m always open to suggestions and constructive criticism. So until next time, have a beautiful day.

Love, Lara

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